Journal of a Voyage out to New Zealand, 1840.

This totally reminded me of Oregon Trail. ‘Cept it was some guy with my name. And it actually happened. (in New Zealand).

Still, it’s kinda freaky/cool.(A Contemporary Take on the Name Game)

JANUARY 15th, 1841.—Went to Wellington. Epuni and the natives took Awhanga before Mr. Murphy, who awarded the pig to the natives, who had brought it from ”Waiderop.“

16th.—A child drowned in the Hutt, aged two and a half, belonging to a Scotchman named Alexander Yule; buried next day.

[From Journal of a Voyage out to New Zealand, 1840. | NZETC]

He wrote further from St. John’s College on July 3rd, 1846: ”I hope Mita Uru (Mr. Yule) will look out for a comfortable vessel for you to come up in, at any rate more comfortable than the Swan for she was wretchedly uncomfortable, and I hope that he will not trade along the Coast with you on board and make a floating pig-sty of her, for if he does that will be another source of discomfort as it was with us.

[From Chapter X. | NZETC]