Still Alive

Just a quick note showing the world that I’m still alive and kicking — living happily out in SoCal and not writing nearly enough… hopefully will have some new stuff up here soon since my recent trip to Jordan/Israel/Palestine left me with lots upon which to ruminate. Until then, huzzah!

Journal of a Voyage out to New Zealand, 1840.

This totally reminded me of Oregon Trail. ‘Cept it was some guy with my name. And it actually happened. (in New Zealand).

Still, it’s kinda freaky/cool.(A Contemporary Take on the Name Game)

JANUARY 15th, 1841.—Went to Wellington. Epuni and the natives took Awhanga before Mr. Murphy, who awarded the pig to the natives, who had brought it from ”Waiderop.“

16th.—A child drowned in the Hutt, aged two and a half, belonging to a Scotchman named Alexander Yule; buried next day.

[From Journal of a Voyage out to New Zealand, 1840. | NZETC]

He wrote further from St. John’s College on July 3rd, 1846: ”I hope Mita Uru (Mr. Yule) will look out for a comfortable vessel for you to come up in, at any rate more comfortable than the Swan for she was wretchedly uncomfortable, and I hope that he will not trade along the Coast with you on board and make a floating pig-sty of her, for if he does that will be another source of discomfort as it was with us.

[From Chapter X. | NZETC]


As part of my gradual shift from the cute, but useless/pointless domains I registered at first, to something more sensible (hehe), I have now officially moved this blog from to — the identity is now pretty much self-contained (at least the two main pages it links to are now on the same domain). Yay.

Oh, and say _hi_ to WordPress 2.5

New Footnotes

So… I’ve been using Markdown Extra, mostly as a way to get footnotes working. But the system is a bit clumsy. Not to get into details now, b/c I don’t have the patience to write it all out, but suffice it to say, I’ve moved on to a new footnote plugin that uses mediawiki-style inline footnotes. You put a < ref > tag around the note, inline, and it replaces the tag with a footnote, and puts whatever is between the tags into the note at the bottom of the post. The markdown system requires two tags, one for the “where” and one for the “what”. Which is unwieldy unless you put them all into one table at the end, but who does that?

Anyways, here’sto footnotes (todo:style the footnotes so they’re not ugly)

EDIT: Well, the notes block at the bottom is both an ordered list… and has the footnote numbers (redundant). Todo:fix that

a.footnote {
font-size: 50%;
css.append: ":";
vertical-align: super;

ol.footnotes li a::after { content: ".";}
ol.footnotes li { list-style: none;}

ALSO: Figured out why my blog was spitting out blank pages every time I tried to print. The stylesheet for the lightwindow.js script was set up for “screen” only. Yay stickmanlabs.

Link: one word. so little time.

simple. you’ll see one word at the top of the following page.
you have sixty seconds to write about it.
as soon as you click ‘go’ the page will load with the cursor in place.
don’t think. just write.

[From one word. so little time.]


Don’t click the “also see Poetc and OneCaption” links at the bottom, though. Unless you’re into, like, rape porn and stuff (I guess the domains expired? Or someone has a sick sense of humor…)

Link: Unphotographable: a text account of pictures missed

Unphotographable: a text account of pictures missed
A neat blog with weekly(ish) posts, each describing a brief moment in time as if it had been photographed… Great to use as prompts or something for exercises, or even just to get ideas flowing.

This is a picture I did not take of a Muslim man, pushed to the limit by an evangelizing Christian, who swaggered in front of the Muslim, mocking Islam and calling the man schoolyard names, nor is this a photograph of the punch the Muslim man landed on the Christian man’s ear, a punch thrown from behind,

[From Unphotographable: Muslim vs. Christian Over Chicken]