Foucault is METAL

A  hilarious bit from a conversation with a friend about Foucault being a badass and post-modernism (whatever that is):

Jack: I like postmodernism, but I usually take the radical end out and think it terms of history

me: history?
Jack: Yeah
9:03 PM Postmodernism thinks it has found the tr00 chaos underlying all things
me: haha sounds like Nietsche

have you read the birth of tragedy?
Jack: I don’t do that
me: the nietzche thing is all about using dionysus as a metaphor for tr00 chaos
Jack: Hahah
Yeah, sounds like the Neech
me: and he claims the greeks weren’t really peaceful or stoic attall
but actually kinda fucked up
9:05 PM Jack: Hahah
me: but we looove our Appolonian boxes
after all, anything that touches the Dionysic void is destroyed
pretty fucking metal

And the real gem:
Jack channeling Foucault pwning someone in a conversation. Any conversation.
9:13 PM “Actually, as we discuss what we’re seeing is that we can only travel back and forth between mediational abstractions created by discourses of power that conflict with one another and make your reality FUCKED!”
Yes Foxy, but

Had this at the beginning before, as I usually put rambly crap, but it really belongs somewhere where no-one will mistakenly read it as actual content 🙂
Like here:
So my blog had become a bit of a twitter dumping ground as of late, which at first was troubling to me. But then I realized there’s actually some neat stuff archived in all those messages, though this clearly is not the best way to (re)-publish them, as it floods out all my other (real) content. Sidebar? I guess I already sorta have a twitter sidebar though… EDIT: oh, I just realized I turned off the weekly updates around New Years… so that solves that!
Oh, my… just enabled the visual editor in WordPress to paste in the google chat stuff above… worked alright. Then I editied it a few times and WHAMMO, DIVS EVERYWHERE! Couldn’t even insert its own *more* link without breaking the post. Pretty lame, especially seeing as blogger has this down pat (then again they have google and writely, etc… behind them… but still its a crappy blogging platform!)

Not that I ever use WYSIWYG… noooo that would be, heresy?

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  1. I almost suffocated from laughter. That is the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. It reminds me of your typical stoned college party conversation during late night, it’s simultaneously interesting and deep yet utterly stupid. “So like, what Derrida was trying to say, was that like our words are just like rambling and stuff, its like a death metal album filled with chaos.” Postmodernism is one of those things that 5% understand and 95% pretend to get. That made my week.

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