New Footnotes

So… I’ve been using Markdown Extra, mostly as a way to get footnotes working. But the system is a bit clumsy. Not to get into details now, b/c I don’t have the patience to write it all out, but suffice it to say, I’ve moved on to a new footnote plugin that uses mediawiki-style inline footnotes. You put a < ref > tag around the note, inline, and it replaces the tag with a footnote, and puts whatever is between the tags into the note at the bottom of the post. The markdown system requires two tags, one for the “where” and one for the “what”. Which is unwieldy unless you put them all into one table at the end, but who does that?

Anyways, here’sto footnotes (todo:style the footnotes so they’re not ugly)

EDIT: Well, the notes block at the bottom is both an ordered list… and has the footnote numbers (redundant). Todo:fix that

a.footnote {
font-size: 50%;
css.append: ":";
vertical-align: super;

ol.footnotes li a::after { content: ".";}
ol.footnotes li { list-style: none;}

ALSO: Figured out why my blog was spitting out blank pages every time I tried to print. The stylesheet for the lightwindow.js script was set up for “screen” only. Yay stickmanlabs.