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Faulkner on the “Spirit”

“Ah write when the spirit moves me, and the spirit moves me every day.” –William Faulkner #

Go Away (in progress)

Go Away, far Far Away. Chu!I reach my heel back, swift kick to the rockhard gut Chu! Then airborne, squinting through approaching twilight, searching for marmot holes in the impossibly mottled grass. I will never ride as the Mongols do. There is something about being raised on horseback, coming from the greatest horse-people in the […]


Newly born: the softwares page (not much there, but still!!)


As part of my gradual shift from the cute, but useless/pointless domains I registered at first, to something more sensible (hehe), I have now officially moved this blog from to — the identity is now pretty much self-contained (at least the two main pages it links to are now on the same domain). Yay.

Photoblog Up: Sh00t N0thing

My spiffy new photoblog is now up and running: “Battlestations Operational”

New Footnotes

Not to get into details now, b/c I don’t have the patience to write it all out, but suffice it to say, I’ve moved on to a new footnote plugin that uses mediawiki-style inline footnotes. You put a tag around the note, inline, and it replaces the tag with a footnote, and puts whatever is between the tags into the note at the bottom of the post.


I have added a few pages to the site as well. one with my writings , another with a list of the plugins I use on this blog, and lastly words .

Welcome to Hell

A letter I wrote to my tut-ees (can you believe they made me a tutor? Muahahahaa) over at the ENAM 170: Introduction to Creative Writing, Spring 2008 class blog .

Independent Study

So, I meant to include a bit more about this in my final reflection over J-Term, but I don’t think it quite made it in there. Not sure exactly how to get a whole page out of this, but here goes: My goal for this semester is first, to continue writing; to keep up the momentum I created over J-Term, and get back into (since I got a bit derailed over break) the groove of writing, and having a practice.

Reflecting Pool + Future Miracles

I am still summarily submerged in the excitingly frigid waters of J-Term, not yet able to truly see the time in perspective, but I’ll attempt to remove myself; float above the surface and see what reflects back, despite the chopping surf and howling winds of chaotic opinionthoughts.I began the semester with high expectations…. I struggled to create the first piece, using the ham-fisted premade online tools, but they were good in forcing me to put concept before execution, and in the end I managed to scrape something together that was pretty interesting.