14 Pieces of Music, 14 Lines of Text

1. Dockwood underfoot, skin bearing jeweled splinters under ocean spray
2. Walking in metallic coiled space under life’s dictate.
3. Simply, I stand awash in life’s bittersweet brightness
4. Borne under aged framing, stretching to show yourself through gauzed nylon.
5. Attempt to reconcile, the old and new; the familiar and the strange; the absurd and the appropriate, that is living in the world.
6. Nature’s lively bouncing, flitting over a veneer of brutal evolution.
7. Awestricken, gazing upon the world as if on its first day, though the history of a people is far from free.
8. When the beating of wheels against track under mourning dissonant time.
9. Ear to thorax, hearing the sounds from a world to which we are outside, I glimpse the essence of life and its living. (img by Troyek)
10. Repeat the slightly similar repeat again straining against forms immemorial and straight culturality to express
11. Floating metal breaths over rolling hills.
12. Celebrate life’s beauty without forgetting its melanchollies
13. Unabashedly, we look into the furnaces that forged this people from the ore of time in the bowels of the earth, in all our glorious good and hideous evil.
14. Emerging, disassociating, yet warmly familiar and recalcitrant, relaxed under one’s own weight.

2 Replies to “14 Pieces of Music, 14 Lines of Text”

  1. I know you read it in class- but i love number eleven. It might be “metal” in the sense of music for you- but the idea of metal- stiff and unmovable, churning over a hill is pretty sweet too.

    I want to steal your sentence…

  2. Haha, no it wasn’t metal in the sense of metal music… I was actually thinking of it as a shiny, brassy, metallic quality (the trumpet) that was gliding over the rumbly piano… and thanks 😀 Steal away!

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