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Go Away (in progress)

Go Away, far Far Away. Chu!I reach my heel back, swift kick to the rockhard gut Chu! Then airborne, squinting through approaching twilight, searching for marmot holes in the impossibly mottled grass. I will never ride as the Mongols do. There is something about being raised on horseback, coming from the greatest horse-people in the […]

On Anthropomorphism and More

— Words: Fire Truck, Purple, Ger, Goat The goat saunters by like a pimp in a cadillac — one touch look from a cop and they freeze in terror, but then they’re back to bizness as uzual. The life of the goat is driven by a raw spontaneity that has little human equivalent outside of: childhood, senility or mental illness — and perhaps those hippie free-spirits who dance around in fields all day or drop lots of acid.

Turis Fatyr the Viking Goat Pirate

Turis the Viking Goat who sailed the seven seas — with trusty crew manning the ropes, for Nature is a cruel mistress, who saw it fit to deny Turis Fatyr the use of opposable thumbs ( one day!… Oh, how he longed to feel the cool waves lap against his skin — yet again, nature was cruel.

Warmups & Fragments

In the Bible, it was decided that Sheep and Goats were Different; those of the Nineties know the refrain: “Sheep go to heaven, Goats go to hell.”… Goats were given the humble and thankless duty of carrying the sins (read: bubonic plague-ridden clothes) of a village into the woods (i.e. Carrying the “sins” to the next village…).

“I see you’ve found yourself a goat.”

She recognized him at once; he was the only Ninja in all of Belgium, and he sulked his way through the rain down the main boulevard, looking less like a ninja then a dejected schoolboy in November.

…The little dog started barking, its owner had left it tied up in the rain, and it was beginning to take on the look of a drowned rat—she was pulled from the haze of memory into the very real, and surreal moment of staring a goat straight in the face.

Cats, Marbles, and a School Teacher: Another Un-braided Braided Essay

I don’t know what whore you give the tip on this Night of Joy, but our boys have been in there almost every night and they haven’t turned up anything.

…She padded her way purposefully down each link of the fire escape, pausing only once to watch a man groggily swat at his blaring alarm clock.

On Leftist Gorillas and Industrial Decor (with Kyle)

_To some people, the five South American dialects she spoke and translated, sounded like birds clicking and squawking at each other–to her it sounded_ like rain on a summer’s eve…. _A pebble on the ground caught her attention–she didn’t know the word for “pebble” in this part of the Amazon.


The sun, an abstract circle shining light onto the 2nd most prolific — the moon — both gazing down onto our humble blue-green oblate spheroid (sort-of circles)…. 1-800-Spiralz Classical Music Through this confluence of sounds we gaze into worlds gone by a saccharine pop ballad for a lady with corset-fractured ribs, and impotent, hunting husband.


As if the fruit hadn’t been fully separated from its skin, and took bits of skin-adhesive with it, leaving traces for the eater to ponder.

…And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again—to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.”

Random Incoherences

And I forgave him despite his lossinlgy end of days — it was too much for us to move on in synchrony, pulsing in the wake of each other’s acquiescence.

…Slot induced hypomanic imbalance reached pubnlic eyes and ears from a leaked Gnomegon memo, detailing the disturbingly high incidence of gambling and vending behaviors among veterans of the FEG (Forces Especial du Gnome).