A National Socialist Rejection of Black Metal

An oddly refreshing article reproduced at the the White Nationalist cesspool that is Stormfront.org (search SPLC.org for info)

Originally posted by Cezar
Impact 14 zine (Rumania)
Be consistent!
By Weisthor
It was early in the morning. Together with two comrades I was travelling to a black metal concert venue somewhere in Flanders (North-Belgium) where we were supposed to pick up a Swedish co-religionist. A black metal band, consisted of some his countrymen, was to appear on this concert, so he got to travel along with them. We would not go to this concert, we would only meet our comrade and go our way.My brethen and I arrived early at the concert and from our car we were able to observe the national socialist black metal crowd moving towards the concert hall. We were quite disgusted by the hippie-like or biker-gang looks of the people arriving. Long, unwashed hair, leather jackets filled with patches, a band shirt, black jeans and fancy boots seemed to be the standard uniform of the “nsbm soldier”. Oh, and let us not forget the standard spikes, chains and necklaces. Some were wearing make-up resembling the rockers of the band Kiss, but of course they were inspired by Immortal, Marduk or some other fancy band. From a hundred meters distance where the concert hall was, we heard one of those people scream “SATAN” followed by some more australopithecus afarensis-like screams. After this “rebellious action” he started to kick a garbage can. Obviously the garbage can was withstanding his aggression so this soldier of satan started kicking a phone booth. The windows of this booth were less withstanding than the garbage can; and at 10.00 a.m. in the morning the peace and quite of a holiday was shattered. Black metal had arrived.Our comrade from abroad was equally impressed with the people present at the venue. A French NSBM guy with an Arab girlfriend was trying to sell him a cheap “national socialist” magazine; consisted of low quality photocopies of lowbrow interviews, richly illustrated with pictures of “dead Jews” and such slogans as “Six million more!”. Yeah. Right. Don’t get me started.

Why am I writing this? What is the point of describing a typical black metal concert? I would not care if some overdue rock ‘n roll fans did what they do best; act stupid, vandalize communal and private property, get drunk, do drugs and wake up remembering nothing the day after. I would hail their destructive lifestyle as they are only destroying themselves. It may be quasi Social-Darwinist of me, but so what? Let them die by their own weakness.
So if I do not care about them, why do I even bother writing about them? I’m writing about them because of the national socialist black metal phenomenon. I do not know when this genre popped up really; although it has been around for some time. The black metal genre first popped up when bands such as the English Venom and the Swedish Bathory first appeared. Both these bands weren’t composed of Satanists. Venom admit that they merely used the Satanic imagery in order to be more controversial and thus more attractive toward the audience. The vocalist/guitarist of the band Bathory admitted later on that he just wrote about Satan because he, being so young, didn’t have the experience all these other older bands had, enabling them to sing about being drunk, driving motorcycles and having sex with dozens of drunk sluts. Finally he dumped the Satanist perspective because from his point of view Satanism was as fake as Christianity was.

Eventually Satanism became an everyday topic. In the USA army you can officially declare yourself as a Satanist. Bands such as Emperor who claim to be Satanic are basically as dangerous as Winnie the Pooh is. Satanism has lost its cool. But what can all these bands sing about then? What is so controversial that will turn people’s attention towards black metal again? Indeed, an ideology that is still scorned after it officially was brutally terminated in the fires of 1945: National Socialism. After the war, a terrible image of National Socialism was set forth by the media. National Socialism no longer was about love for the own people, the praising of all that is beautiful, the awakening of the folk soul – it was turned into total war, genocide, terrible medical torture, and so forth. National Socialism no longer was splendor, it became horror. And this is exactly what fits the black metal scene. This is what fits the metal scene in general. The “all time classic” LP Reign in Blood by the American band Slayer opens with a track called Angel of Death and deals with the horror of medical experiments as conducted by Joseph Mengele (a.k.a. the Angel of Death):

“Auschwitz, the meaning of hate
The why I want you to die
Slow death, immense decay
Showers that cleanse you of your life”

Today we have loads of such bands, singing about torturing and terminating people in the name of National Socialism. They reprint SS propaganda posters on their CD covers, they raise their right arm on stage and they pose on photographs wearing Swastika armbands. As far as the media circus goes, they are doing a great job. The press is all over these people, and kids who were into Korn and Limp Bizkit a few months earlier are now buying their crappy, low budget records.
But what about National Socialism? How are they helping the cause of those National Socialists trying to build a future today? They are not helping National Socialism, they are destroying National Socialism. They are collaborating with the regime and the media. These instances try to destroy an ideology by portraying it falsely, and NSBM bands are helping them by putting forth this same distorted image. The media claims that we still should fear the “evil nazi’s” and these people serve as the living proof that the “evil nazi’s” are still around. They are even worse than before; the old “evil nazi’s” looked disciplined and reliable, today they look horrible and totally dangerous. How do you think how old National Socialists, who fought during the Second World War, feel when they see pieces of scum flushing down the last bit of respect they had down the drain? Really NSBM people, do you think National Socialists died in the trenches, were beaten, tortured, imprisoned and scorned after the war so that they could provide heavy metal with a new theme? Are you this stupid?

This is why truly devoted National Socialists will battle against the so-called NSBM scene. There is nothing “National Socialist” about playing heavy metal (or whatever kind of variation of this). There is nothing “National Socialist” about looking like a mixture between a flower power hippie and a homosexual leather fetishist. There is nothing even remotely “National Socalist” about acting like a rock star, dreaming of playing big gigs and getting laid by groupies. There is nothing “National Socialist” about abusing alcohol and narcotics. I’m sorry, but we can not let white heavy metal trash destroy the ideals of those brave men and women who kept our ideology alive this long.

As I mentioned before, National Socialism is about beauty and aesthetics. Black metal is about degeneration and grimness. We do not want to kill every single non-white on the face of this planet. We merely want to secure a future for our Race. We do not hail the Kingdom of Eternal Darkness as the NSBM band Legion of Doom proclaimed. We hail the return of the light, the Solar Cross, the Swastika. People like me wish to light the Aryan fire in our souls and we would like every sincere person to join us. No matter if you are a Celt, Slav, Thracian, Roman, Teuton … Fight for Europe!

[From Listen to Black Metal – Page 3 – Stormfront White Nationalist Community]


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  1. This write up is quite unintelligent, as you can tell it seems to be the guys first impression, and maybe he did not fit in so he felt uncomfortable with his surroundings. NSBM is way more artful then the skrewdriver clones with lyrics focused on a single age-old platform, racism and WWII. Seems like he is picking a fight with fellow warriors, therefore doing the dirty work of the Global Elitist and keeping us separated. Shame on you for downing white warriors of different genres.

  2. Well, I put it this way: I think the
    Black Metal artist that forward nazi – ideas, probably would have ended in the gass – chambers very quickly. As same goes for the fucked up eastern Europeans, iranians turkiens and japanese people etc. that worships hitler(There appears to be nazis all over the world, aparently, an army of people thinking that they are a part of Hitler and Himmlers so – called “race pure” people). I just laugh at all these stupid people, that obviously dont have anything else to do.

    “There is nothing “National Socialist” about looking like a mixture between a flower power hippie and a homosexual leather fetishist”.

    • You bet!
  3. To reply to the above:

    “As same goes for the fucked up eastern Europeans, iranians turkiens and japanese people etc. that worships hitler(There appears to be nazis all over the world, aparently, an army of people thinking that they are a part of Hitler and Himmlers so – called “race pure” people”

    Not necessarily. NS idealists were more concerned with preserving their own race and traditions and didn’t necessarily seek the extermination of other races. Although there was undoubtly some conflict within NS Germany over the level of racism I don’t actually see the Nazis as ‘white supremacist’ as they are portrayed. In fact, Germany was allied with the Japanese, Arabs, Turks, North Africans, and a plethora of diverse peoples.

    Now it is popular, especially within the idiotic ‘neo-nazi’ crowd to espouse immature bigotry and hatred towards other races. Like the NSBM scene, the retards over at Storm Front, NSM, Nat Al, etc are living by this stupid hollywood image of drunken imbeciles shouting white power and attacking immigrant stores. If NS ever wishes to be legitimate it will stop hating other races and religions and start being productive. But I doubt that will ever happen.

  4. Neo-Nazis are not National Socialist, either. They’re bigots.

    The NSDAP wanted ethnic nationalism for Germany, which meant excluding other groups. They took it too far (in my view) and became abusive.

    Ethnic nationalism is a cornerstone of the Romantic ethos to which black metal ascribes, because Romanticism is the major force against modernity.

    At least, this is true for black metal from 1989-1995. Everything after that is against all sense: garbage music, scummy and stupid people, retarded aesthetics, etc.

  5. I hope these fake Neonazis and their beer belly thug fake and brainless movement of today fails and they all end up getting killed or sent to prison four life.

  6. The author of this article is an idiot.
    He clearly has no clue what NSBM is about or even what it is in the first place.

    Had he done some research by reading the lyrics of some NSBM bands, reading their interviews or perhaps talking to some real fans of it, he would see that everything that is European is channeled though this music (in this case, black metal).

    There is just so much more depth, raw emotion, soul, poetry and channeling of pure human spirit in NSBM than those bland and boring as fuck RAC bands, which are indeed just skinheads playing braindead punk music.

    Fucking kike is only causing division with this bullshit article, because he couldn’t be bothered to delve further into something before spreading his uneducated opinion about it. Going to some rockstar concert where some idiots use NS for shock value DOES NOT make them NSBM.

    This is the reason Stormfront should be avoided. So much retardation there. Any real European preservationist or true National Socialist will discuss their views on far better forums, where an actual discussion can take place without braindead fucktards like this throwing in their useless five cents opinion.

    Go fuck yourself, Cezar!

  7. When we say ,blackmetal is about satan and killing christians , there is no problem but if someone says about killing jewish,communists,homesexual ,problem appears !!!!! Really why ??? so you believe in black metal then you should kill christians and burning churches !! You Do or not? of course not ,same as nsbm
    its just a music nothing more
    Hail all Subcategories of black metal !!!!!

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