Independent Study

So, I meant to include a bit more about this in my final reflection over J-Term, but I don’t think it quite made it in there.

Not sure exactly how to get a whole page out of this, but here goes:

My goal for this semester is first, to continue writing; to keep up the momentum I created over J-Term, and get back into (since I got a bit derailed over break) the groove of writing, and having a practice.

I have a few more specific goals, as well.

1. To write about Mongolia: I spent 3.5 months studying in a land far, far away, and I have tons of material to transfer into more creative, and meaningful vehicles. I’m not decided on the final form, but it will probably consist of several short-ish essays, perhaps with poems and photos as well. And/or a braided essay if it makes sense (or have the whole thing be one cohesive “piece”).
2. To revise and polish some of my older pieces and look into submitting them for publication? Like BG keeps talking about…? The first piece is my AD/HD essay back from EL170. The second is my metal braided essay from this past J-Term.