Mongolian Night Hypertext

Mongolia, land of the clear blue sky, transforms at night; her blue skies fade to reveal the blackness of empty space, overwhelmed by a silent swarm of stars, frozen in a distant dance. The moon, if she is out, burns with epic brightness, casting a cool glow across the shuffling herd, who peer at me with amazingly complete incomprehension.

3 Replies to “Mongolian Night Hypertext”

  1. Alex I think it is really interesting how you used imaage instead of other links to text. The different sized images was a powerful way to use place extra focus on your links

  2. halo, im writing from mongolia. sky, color is so high … feeling. smell … never had paranoid… feelin. fallin n love to life …

  3. halo, i’m writing from mongolia. sky is so high, deep. colour, wind. this is our happiness. newer had paranoid. feeling, smelling, lovin… best wishes 2 u

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