Metal Listening Theory: Why Squinting Makes it Better

Squinting your eyes (with a knowing smile) makes metal sound better. Or rather, it makes the experience more enjoyable. For me. This makes sense… Given the law of sensory deprivation (if there isn’t one, there should be): when you see less, you hear more/better. That’s why all those blind people can hear EVERYTHING. Seriously. Anyways, as a result, this allows the beautiful ”flowing metal“ (in the words of some European guy who made a poster for my radio show) to more completely infiltrate your system. Which is Good and Awesome. The smile may be replaced with a frown, but only if it’s really grim, and slightly tongue-in-cheek.

2 Replies to “Metal Listening Theory: Why Squinting Makes it Better”

  1. When you lose or just shut down for a while one of the senses, the body compensates for the loss by sharpening the others. But did you know that you can also enhance your hearing by keeping your mouth open? That is what my physics teacher in high school said (with a brief physical explanation, of course, which I happen not to remember). So if you want the ultimate metal experience, next time you play a tune, squint your eyes and open your mouth (though I doubt you can do the frown with open mouth).

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