Digital Story Script

One begins an odyssey of ironic intensity.

Where pummeling drums over thunderous bass … face-melting guitar, vocals that stretch the human voice to its limits: caustic to guttural, to epicly operatic.

Heaviness relates to a high level of acoustic noise, increased frequency response, and rigidity of rhythm.

Echoes of rage, alienation, the desire to withdraw into a charred sonic landscape.

Does sonic violence become irrelevant if one commits to live compassionately? Is it giving in, indulging in baser emotions? Or can it represent compassionate energy in an alternate form?

“If a being is wrathful on the outside and also angry in its heart, then it is a real monster — not a Buddha. Wrathful Buddhas look wrathful for a purpose: for pacifying, for taming negative forces.” —Tulku Thondup