Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder is a neurobiological disorder.
People with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder tend to have inordinate amounts of trouble maintaining attention-discipline, may be impulsive, and especially at younger ages are often hyperactive — uncharacteristically so for their age and level of development.

There is no way to diagnose AD/HD without a frame of reference.

There is no value judgment, just a comparison and then an observation.



Individual A is an aberration, though they belong to an identifiable sub-group with defining characteristics

AD/HD does not imply lower levels of intelligence — on the contrary.

AD/HD has been associated with certain personality traits that can be seen as other defining “symptoms”: High energy, creativity, alternating extreme empathy/unempathy, strong sense of intuition, trouble/frustration making self understood…

Panksepp says a growing intolerance of childhood playfulness has led to more and more children being labeled with AD/HD