Response… and Words

Thanks for your wonderful comments guys/girls. Before I take the time to really respond, I want to say one thing about my last sentence… I realized after how I left a piece of it out.

“Writing to me is usually not about words, or letters, or periods or predicates. It’s about memories that fade, and ideas that float away.”

That is to say, that the challenge in writing, for me, has always been about finding the right moment, or any moment for that matter, to write about. It seems when I finally do pick something and get ready to begin, I am overwhelmed with second thoughts and decide to choose something else… ad infinitum… The choosing of words, and the shaping of sentences has always been the part of writing I found easiest, and enjoyed most… perhaps that is why I tend to like writing about abstract things, and poetry, since those seem to circumvent my problem areas.

Hopefully, though, I’ll be able to work more on confronting my demons as the semester progresses 🙂